What makes an original piece of art so special?

‘If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it would not seem so wonderful at all’. Michelangelo.

Artists are not usually ‘born’, nor are they ‘discovered’. There are no such careers for artists, just individual businesses.

Artist can study in a school or become ‘self taught’ but how long does it take to become an ‘artist?’ A year/ A decade? Who knows, but when you see a beautiful piece of art that speaks to you – you see none of this, just that which speaks to you inside your soul.

The artist narrates an emotional act in time and space, a story to be told with the hands contouring what the mind suggests – it is captured in that brief moment then, blink and it is gone forever….

Owning an original piece of art affects us on many levels – emotional, spiritual and physical.  It is not just the aesthetics that captures the eye at first, but it is also an act of a deep emotional expression by the artist. It is a one off – no one else in the world will have what you have, nor could they,

Artfolk of Norfolk artist are original artists, they create ‘one-offs’ or limited edition prints or pieces, nothing is ‘mass’ produced. Our artists and artisans love what the create and want to inspire you, touch you emotionally with their amazing creativity.

Unique art – It is very special indeed.