Membership is free to join Artfolk of Norfolk.


Welcome artists,

Artfolk of Norfolk will showcase you as an artist and exhibit your artwork to its best advantage.

Artfolk of Norfolk website and social media platform shows your artwork multiple times – not only as a flat image (as most art websites) but also ‘in room’ settings so that the customer can see your art ‘insitu’ and gives the viewer an idea of scale and size of your artwork. Your latest images will also be shown on the home and about page slide show banners.

What makes Artfolk of Norfolk different to other websites?

You do – the fantastic artists, first and foremost that live and work in the county of Norfolk – and only Norfolk! All our members will be selected for their talents from painters, ceramicists, sculptors, glass makers, printers, jewellers and photographers to name just a few genres that will be on our website.

There is members’ forum on our social media and we will promote and advertise Artfolk of Norfolk artists and our exhibitions / events.  Regular updates of our forthcoming events- both commercial and social will be published to our members.

Each member will have initially 10 pieces of their latest art on Artfolk of Norfolk, growing to a maximum of 20 pieces built up and added to each month over the year. To maintain a fresh look to our website we ask our members to update 1 x new piece of artwork per month which will be loaded onto our website home page and about page sliding banners and feature on our social media.

Artfolk of Norfolk is a community of Norfolk artists

To complement or website and social media platforms we aim to grow to have 6 Artfolk of Norfolk exhibitions a year that will be a mixture of large county shows and our own researched and chosen locations. We will book the venues and have our own stand(s) to create an umbrella showcase promoting the Artfolk of Norfolk artists. This will enable several members to share in the costs, setting up, taking down and invigilation. We will book and offer the space available to our members on a first come first served basis. In addition, we will host workshops and seminars with discounts for members.

So, what does all this cost?

Annual membership – no fee!

When booking art spaces for exhibitions, the cost will be divided between the displaying artists with no fees for art displayed and the space will be divided fairly as will costs for press and preview events. Our aim is to have a diverse range of art styles and genres that will attract visitors to suit most needs. There is a small commission fee for admin, website, publishing and material costs – this will be sent to you after your application has bee reviewed.

A few terms and conditions that maybe relevant to note that are special to Artfolk of Norfolk

  • All rights remain with the original artist and cannot be copied, duplicated or used for commercial gain without the originating artists permission. Artfolk of Norfolk claim the right to use any artwork exhibited on the site for advertising the promotion of the Artfolk of Norfolk website / social media sites.
  • All work uploaded to the site must be a true representation of the work being offered for sale. Only Hi resolution images that are true in colour and detail will be accepted.
  • Insurance – the artist is responsible for their own insurance for their art and also public liability for exhibitions / events.
  • Postage – the artist is responsible for packaging their art securely for delivery, will insure and pay for postage with tracking ability within the UK using a reputable courier. (specialised items or overly large items will be reviewed at time of sale).
  • The artist will agree and confirm that art on Artfolk of Norfolk will never knowingly be undersold anywhere else within the UK or online – this means that you cannot sell your work elsewhere cheaper – even on your own website unless you are holding a specific sales promotion and inform Artfolk of Norfolk so they can match your sales prices
  • Payment from sales will be made to the artist 21 days after receipt of delivery to customer – this allows time for the 14 day consumer protection rights to return or any dispute.
  • You will only send paintings if framed ready to hang and all products in a perfect condition.

Email: for a membership application form.

 I Look forward to hearing from you.

Your Sincerely

Janette Williams

Founder of Artfolk of Norfolk